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Air jordan 11 & quot; 72-10" and it seemed as if it would be difficult to appear in discount stores, and recently a netizen in a California Ross discount stores found two pairs of codes "devil", the price is only a staggering $33, in addition to a pair of big code AJ 12 & quot; Obsidian" also appeared. Domestic sneaker you see is not very envious of it... welcome to pay attention to get micro signal (WeChat search getdunkhome), every day there is an unexpected surprise oh! source: solecollectorSprite Air Max LeBron 8 V2 color with its exaggerated cheap jordans online color to attract the attention of a blow, so dazzling color in summer can be cool if more is better, so the introduction of the Nike LeBron 8 V2 Low Sprite color, blue fly line and net cloth light shoe body, the air cushion and green fluorescence with a simple Summer Outfit collocation a pair of cool Sprite color, it is difficult not to attract the attention of others. is designed for skateboarders custom limited edition shoes: Adidas skateboarding series has been with skateboarder and artist title of Mark Gonzales has a close relationship wi Cheap air jordan 12 ovo th the designed by him in the spring of 2009, all over the world to buy. But it will be released a limited edition, let's see what he the design of the Limited edition! Including shoes and clothes (38.52 KB) download. download (58.89 KB) download (67.49 KB) download (65.43 KB)& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Pick Quanzhou in most people's minds, is a company with Chinese brand, China well-known trademarks and other titles shoe brand, but its founder, the company chairman Xu Jing Nan Pick now, but it is a first machine factory boss. & Nbsp; & nb Retro jordans for sale sp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; from building materials and started to do the shoe & nbsp; & nbsp; In the 1980s, a time when the golden age of private economic opportunity everywhere, Jingnan Forecast: Quanzhou is likely to become the world's sports shoes manufacturing base. Looking at the current economic environment, the world's footwear giant Nike to set up factory in Quanzhou, the shoe-making technology and staff to local; a large number of people around Quanzhou seek business opportunities at home and abroad, on the one hand informati cheap foamposites on is particularly well-informed, on the other hand, they The vitality Masamori sales network. In addition, the former leader of the footwear industry in Asia Korea and China Taiwan and other places, because of labor-intensive industries should have undesirable local time, the ongoing transfer of industries that period, and the economic interaction Springs station has a unique and convenient. All this opens up a new era for the footwear industry uncompetitive in Quanzhou, creating a good opportunity not wait. & Nbsp; & nbsp; machine brick buildi Retro jordans for sale ng material accumulated by the enterprise funds after 1989, Jingnan footwear brand founded Peak, Peak Group was formally established in 1994. At this point, the group across footwear, shoes, machine brick building materials and real estate and other industries, has become one of the earliest enterprises in Quanzhou Group, the leading industry is footwear. & Nbsp; & nbsp; Planning Group financing gather people & nbsp; & nbsp; When planning recall group, Xu Jing Nan said that the Group was to help enterprises solve the problem of some financing, cheap jordan shoes for men human resource integration and other aspects of the expansion. & Nbsp; & nbsp; It is reported that the owner of private enterprises receiving relatives and friends "vote share", which is very popular in the 1980s, Quanzhou, hire friends and relatives when the management staff is also common. For businesses, this is a good financing channels, the relative side, it is a decent employment opportunities. & Nbsp; & nbsp; However, when the Olympic shoe company is a joint venture nature, if their friends and relatives in there, "Investment Shares" i Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping s not easy to handle, but also the need for enterprise asset evaluation work. Thus, the newly established Olympic decide shoe business, one included the integration of a number of funds and human resources, on the other shoe to provide industry support for the Olympic shoes. These have benefited from the group's decisions. & Nbsp; & nbsp; Xu Jing Nan believes that the Group into the Olympic brand, cross-industry investments, joint ventures and expansion of many aspects of strength and internal management, have brought benefits. & Nbsp; & nbsp; cheap jordans for sale To increase export within two million & nbsp; & nbsp; According to informed sources, according to the situation this winter orders, the Olympic decision, based on the sales growth target of 80%. The person does not exclaims: "The growth of 80%, that is, to increase the export 200 million, equivalent to 15 years before trying." & Nbsp; & nbsp; industry analysts pointed out, the Olympic shoe brand experience ups and downs, but this year the burgeoning momentum. For example, this spring made by judicial determination "Famous Chinese Trademark", Cheap air jordans for sale this summer, the new "Chinese famous brand", two months ago, Shenzhou VI to heaven Adds a stir. & Nbsp; & nbsp; When it comes to brand Xu Jing Nan said that in the 1980s, the international brand-name shoes, a pair of second-class products to 50 yuan, also ticket supply, some people in order to buy, or even find the relationship, Tuo Shuren and the local first-class products of good shoes also sold less than 30 dollars. It is based on the time of that situation, Xu Jing Nan keenly aware of brand shoes must be done, he created Enterprise Group, th cheap jordans for sale mens e main purpose is to expand the brand. & Nbsp; & nbsp; selected successors: Xu Zhihua & nbsp; & nbsp; Xu Jing Nan said head Peak Group reserves have been selected: now 28-year-old eldest son Xu Zhihua. & Nbsp; & nbsp; Xu Zhihua graduated from Sichuan University Information Engineering, has been training at the Olympic Beijing Branch 5 years, and at the university master's, is still unmarried. & Nbsp; & nbsp; when the foundation for the transfer, Xu Jing Nan said: "When is he mature, and when you give him." Xu explained further requirements of the selected successor: First, we must recognize the business, second is to have a strong responsibility, including businesses, employees and the community. & Nbsp; & nbsp; Xu Jing Nan said that the next phase will focus on the Olympic started international brands: Participation in top international basketball tournament, with $ 2 million price tag to buy the Rockets home advertising, broadcasting by the end of December this year; aim at some of the national team, for example, it is now Sponsored discuss the matter with the Australian national team; participation in several international basketball competitions, including the 2006 World Basketball Championship in Tokyo, European All-Star Game, and the Stankovic Continental Basketball Australia Basketball Championships. & Nbsp;Sports players Nike Tiempo 94 new products launched metallic colors & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2014-11-25 11:03:18 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [source: SIZE shoes newspaper] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network November 25 hearing, following the "Metallic Silver" and "Metallic Gold" color, and once again a few days ago Nike Sportswear Nike Tiempo 94 introduces a new metallic color. The of "Liquid Metal Two-Tone" series name suggests uses hit-color design, designer gold and silver stitching this will create the body of the shoe Tiempo 94, brings a more intense metallic effect. The series were introduced in to help and to help low two versions to choose from, the series has been on sale from today at designated shops. (Media Partner: Poetry Nidan Li Shoes & nbsp; PATTY shoes) Related news

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